Sallie Mae Fund/SLM Connections

Executives at SLM Corporation or its affiliates, many who specialize in marketing, have played critical roles at The Sallie Mae Fund over the years.

The directors have included nine executives from SLM Corporation including: the chief executive officer, the executive vice president of sales and marketing and the chief financial officer.

Here’s a breakdown:

Executive Sallie Mae Fund Title SLM or Affiliate
Kathleen deLaski President Senior vice president, chief communications officer, senior vice president of consumer marketing
Ermelinda Carvajal Vice President, Senior Program Manager Director of Hispanic Initiatives, Sallie Mae, Inc.
Susan Corsini Senior Vice President Managing Director, Community Outreach, Sallie Mae
Carol Rakatansky General Counsel Assistant general counsel
Albert Lord Co-Chairman Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, SLM Corporation
Timothy Fitzpatrick Co-Chairman Former President, former CEO, SLM Corporation
Marianne Keler Vice-Chairman Executive Vice President, SLM Corporation
Joni Reich Director Senior Vice President, Administration, Sallie Mae Inc.
C.E. Andrews Director President, SLM Corporation
Erin Korsvall Vice President Director of Community Outreach at Sallie Mae
Barry Goulding Director Senior Vice President, sales management
June McCormack Director Executive Vice President, Guarantor Services & Sales Marketing

Two directors with no formal ties to SLM Corporation or its affiliates also served on the charity’s board.

  • Kenneth E. Redd works as a fellow at the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia. He previously was the director of research at the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators.
  • Argelia Rodrigues who is president of the non-profit District of Columbia College Access program. A senior vice president of marketing at Sallie Mae is on the group’s board of directors and Sallie Mae sponsors a road race to raise money for the program. In 2002, the road race raised $100,000.

Ms. deLaski no longer works as president of the Fund. She is a senior program officer at the Walton Family Foundation. Ms. Corsini now is the managing director of Golin Harris International office in Washington, D.C. Golin Harris has been a contractor to the Sallie Mae Fund. It received $88,385 in 2006 and 73,500 in 2005.

Ms. McCormack, a former executive vice president of SLM Corporation, left the company in 2007 with a $3 million severance package.