Larry Wiezycki

Larry WiezyckiLarry’s unique brand of television post production, shooting and editing has been broadcast all over the country in both national and local feature programming. With more than 10 years of television experience he has worked with a broad client base including Discovery Channel, The History Channel, ESPN, FOX, America’s Most Wanted and Outback Steakhouse.

He began his television career as a Music Producer providing original soundtrack scoring for local, independent and network programs and in 1996 expanded into non-linear video editing and post production. Tools of the trade have changed over the years from Discreet Edit*, Avid and Premiere, to DPS VelocityHD and currently Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio. Of all production suites he has used or setup, Larry prefers the new Apple MacPro platform – “To date it is far and away the best integration of software and hardware engineered with the creative professional in mind.” Prior to joining James-Hoyer’s Investigative Media Team in September 2006, Larry worked at WEDU-TV Tampa’s PBS station as a Producer for documentaries, station branding and image spots. Larry has received 3 Emmy Awards and was the Production Designer for WEDU’s local magazine series program “A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins” which garnered 6 Emmy Awards during his tenure.