Al Scudieri

Al ScudieriAl Scudieri is a native of New York City who graduated from the City University of NY. He joined the FBI in 1969 as a Special Agent and was assigned at New York, Alabama and Washington, D.C. before attending the Defense Department Language Institute where he received training in the Spanish language.

He was thereafter assigned at Puerto Rico and in 1977 was transferred to Tampa, Florida where he specialized in political corruption, bank fraud and securities fraud investigations. In 1992, he received recognition as “Federal Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” for his work on a major terrorism case. He was promoted to the position of white collar crimes supervisor for central Florida in 1989 and completed his FBI career in 1995.

In 1996 he joined the investigative team of ABC’s “World News Tonight” with Peter Jennings and simultaneously accepted a position as the chief investigator of a Tampa-based consumer-oriented law firm.