Home Sale Preps that Get More Money at Closing

April 3, 2019

Angie -CWN- Home Sale TipsPutting in a little effort BEFORE you put your home on the market can help you get more money at closing.  In this CWN video, Managing Editor Angie Moreschi shows us what preps pay off and which ones aren’t worth the time and money.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to spruce up your home when you’re getting ready to sell. Watch the video below with CWN Managing Editor Angie Moreschi to find out what’s worth it and what’s not.

5 top tips to help you get more money at closing:

  1. Every good showing starts with curb appeal! Make sure you have a tidy lawn and landscaping.
  2. A fresh front door makes a great first impression. A low cost tip that has a big impact is to paint your front door.  Also, change the fixtures on your door for an added pop!
  3. And speaking of paint, a fresh coat of paint on some key rooms inside can also help. Especially if you have a room that’s an unusual color. Keep it neutral if you can.
  4. Once inside– keep it clean, folks. Neat and tidy makes a much better impression than messy and cluttered.  It doesn’t cost a dime, just a little elbow grease.
  5.  Changing fixtures like door handles and adding a ceiling fan is also a relatively cheap way to freshen things up.

Don’t Waste Your Money on These

Not everything will bring a good return on your investment when you sell your home.

3 major upgrades NOT to waste your money on when you put your home up for sale:

  1. Don’t add a new roof
  2. Don’t change out your kitchen counter tops
  3. Don’t add a pool