Shopping Behavior: Tricks used to get you to buy more

March 1, 2019

Shopping picIn this CWN report– learn to understand the psychology of shopping. Angie Moreschi looks at what retailers do to get you to buy more.

Watch to learn about ‘tricks of the trade’ like store lay-out, how your smart phone tracks you, and how “linger time” leads to impulse buying.

Psychologist Dr. Harold Shinitzky also tells us retailers try to appeal to your senses to get you to buy more. At a grocery store, for example, when you walk into the fruits and vegetables section, there is high intensity lighting to make the products shine more. And they spray them with water to make them glisten.

Then, you’re funneled through the flowers section and bakery, both of which create lovely scents to tempt you. “All of this is to draw you in through all five of your senses,” Dr. Shinitzky said. “The more they can stimulate your senses, the more likely you are to feel good about the environment and purchase more.”