Tips to Find the Best Rates on Car Rentals

October 26, 2018

Alamo picWhether traveling for pleasure or on business, car rental rates can vary widely depending on when a car is booked.

One of the things we see all the time are rates going up and down but it’s really all about the timing.

It’s better to book as early as possible — at least two weeks in advance — and always compare rates on different websites.

This is the best tip of all — book often. Don’t just make a reservation and forget about it. Keep checking back to see if the price goes lower.

The good thing about car rentals is, unlike hotels, there is no penalty if you don’t use the reservation or cancel. And often times, prices do go down. So check back often and book the lower rate if you find one. I’ve had as many as six reservations at once.

Also, don’t forget discounts available as a senior, member of the military, AAA or even a union.

And another way to save, don’t sign up for rental company insurance if you already have coverage. And while renting at the airport can be convenient, it can be more expensive.

Lastly, don’t pre-pay for gas. Unless you always run late, take the few extra minutes to fill up your tank on the way back to the airport or drop off location.  That’s one sure way to save.

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