Ways to be More Productive

September 20, 2013

Eating more super foods and looking at pictures of kittens top the list of ways to become more productive, according to a British study.  No seriously, I have to admit I felt more alert after looking at this cute little fur ball!  Research has shown looking at cute images does indeed stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain.

Okay, so after you look at cute baby animals, here are a few more ways to make your day more productive.  Health Care Communications reports:

1. Eat more super foods:  Ditch the left-over lasagna and eat more like a bird!  Fish, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, avocados, raw carrots and blueberries all make the list of super foods.

2. Look at pictures of kittens:  Okay, we already established this.

3.  Take a break:  Regulars breaks dramatically improve productivity, especially if you work at a computer.

4. Focus on one activity:  Is it really a surprise that multi-tasking cuts DOWN on productivity? Oh, excuse me. I just got a text.

5.  Don’t force yourself to be a morning person:  Coffee can help, of course, but your “peak time” might just be late afternoon or even late at night.

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