A Whistleblower in His Own Words

June 6, 2013

Clark Bolton
WellCare Whistleblower

By Angie Moreschi:

A first hand account of a whistleblower experience is not something you hear very often. Whistleblowers are a rare breed. They often come forward reluctantly, but are compelled to reject silence in order to expose wrongdoing and fraud against the government.

Clark Bolton is one of those rare few. He came forward as a whistleblower against insurance provider WellCare after uncovering evidence of Medicaid/Medicare fraud.  His case ultimately helped lead to a $137.5 million settlement. He shared his experience with CWN to offer insight into what it’s like to be a whistleblower.

How it Happened

In 2007, Clark Bolton moved his family from Connecticut to Florida after taking the job as Supervisor of Special Investigations for WellCare at its headquarters in Tampa. Not long after starting his new position, he realized something was wrong. Clark spoke up and tried to get WellCare to do the right thing, but he says his efforts were rebuffed and he was retaliated against.

It’s a common scenario many whistleblowers face.  The three R’s.  Seeing a “red flag.”  The company’s “refusal” to address the problem.  And ultimately, facing “retaliation.”  In Clark Bolton’s case, the company told him they were reorganizing and terminated him.

In the video below, Bolton describes his whistleblower experience.

Bolton’s whistleblower case helped lead to a $137.5 million Department of Justice settlement with WellCare to resolve claims of Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  He and three other whistleblowers, who also filed suit against the company, received a percentage of the funds recovered as compensation for helping to expose the fraud.

Bolton was a client of the James Hoyer Law Firm.