Protect Your Credit Card & Bank Account on Vacation

May 30, 2013

The summer travel season is here and that means scammers will be on the prowl trying to take advantage of tourists on vacation.  It’s important to be especially careful when using your credit card or ATM card on vacation.  Consumer Reports laid out some good advice on how to prevent a crook from stealing your ATM card password and how to protect yourself against unauthorized charges on your credit card.

The tips include inspecting an ATM for a false front and reporting any unauthorized charges immediately to limit your liability.  Click here to read more from Consumer Reports.

Protect Yourself recommends several other easy ways to protect your credit cards while traveling.

  1. Don’t pack all your cards.  No need to put them all at risk, just the one or two you know you’ll need.
  2. Watch your card.  Don’t leave purses or bags with credit cards unattended.
  3. Don’t use debit cards on vacation.  Stick with credit cards which offer more protection
  4. Check your card activity.  This will help you to learn quickly if someone has skimmed your card or made unauthorized charges.
  5. Create text alerts.  If your credit cards is stolen, activate text alerts on all your credit cards. That way anytime something is posted to your account, you get a text on your phone.
  6. Lock it up.  If you don’t need your credit card for the day, lock it up in your hotel room safe.