Ways Pets Can Make People Healthier

December 20, 2012

Whether it’s companionship or keeping you warm at night, most pet owners know Fido and Fluffy are good for your spirit.   Dogs and cats have long been touted for the joy they can bring to your life, but you may not realize just how good they are for your health, too.

From lowering your blood pressure to asthma prevention, pet owners enjoy many benefits from their trusted friends that we can celebrate.   WebMD put together a list of 27 ways pets can improve health.

Here are CWN’s top 5 picks for ways our pets can make us healthier:

  1. Studies show pet owners have lower blood pressure and heart rates.
  2. Dogs can alert diabetics of sudden drops in blood glucose level
  3. Kids with ADHD can benefit from having a pet
  4. Walking your dog helps to beat osteoporosis by strengthening your bones
  5. Children with autism are often calmed when working with animals

Click here to read more on WebMD and watch a slide show of some great pet moments.