Dog Theft on the Rise – Protect Your Pooch

July 18, 2012

For many people, their dog is more than just a pet, they are part of the family. That’s why it’s particularly frightening to learn about the latest increase in dog napping cases across the country. What used to be a rare  occurrence, is now a large black market scheme that’s putting pet owners on alert!  Click here to learn more and  watch this report on NBC news of this harrowing trend.

As with any theft ring, certain types, or in this case breeds, are targeted because of their value. For example toy breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and Maltese dogs can fetch up to $2,500, and some adult full-blooded breeds can be sold for as much as $10,000 .

Thieves often pose as potential buyers and answer ads placed by dog owners who are breeding the animals. Then, when they show up to get the dog, they rob the owner, just as if it was for their money, and many times at gunpoint.

But it’s not just breeders who are falling prey to this canine caper, pet stores are now a high commodity target, and even parked vehicles with pets inside are an open invitation for thievery.

Anyone placing ads to sell dogs should carefully consider all safety precautions, like asking for identification by potential buyers and gathering as much information as possible about the individual before you ever allow them into your home or place of business.

Protect Your Pooch

Cruella DeVil in “101 Dalmations”

Don’t let Cruella DeVil get the best of your best friend. Protect your pooch!  Here are some tips to help you protect your canine companion from being vulnerable to theft:

  • Never leave your dog unattended in a yard as it may become a potential target of dog nappers.
  • Keep gates and doors to your home locked.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car, even if it is locked.
  • Never leave your dog tied up outside a store or restaurant.

If your dog is a specialized or full blooded breed, it’s especially important to stay aware of this new, dangerous trend and never become vulnerable to a would-be thief.