Dentist Visits Turn Tragic

July 17, 2012

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As a parent, you are inherently on the look out for your child’s best interest, and constantly on guard to remove them from painful situations. A trip to the dentist’s office can create a number of anxieties and emotions from your child.  Sedation is a growing technique some dentists have been using to calm such fears.  But a disturbing number of accidental deaths have occurred though this process and the numbers have shockingly increased over recent years.  Click here to watch this ABC News investigation into the troubling trend of children who’ve become victims of improper sedation at the dentist.

The dangers of local anesthesia are widely acknowledged in the medical field, but are too often overlooked by dental patients. The risks jump even higher when children are administered sedation, and many dentists are not trained adequately in anesthesiology or in emergency situations where a patients life is on the line.

So why would dentists even take a chance if the risks are that high? Unfortunately, one major benefit is that they can get much more work done in a considerably shorter period of time, if they don’t have to deal with a fidgety child. That’s a very scary, but all too real scenario that parents must be aware of when they make their children’s dentist appointments.