Facebook Attempts to Help You Save Face With Correction Option

June 25, 2012

By: Darrin Clouse

Most of us have fallen victim to the embarrassment of rushing to post a comment on a friend’s Facebook picture, only to misspell a key word that causes nothing but confusion to the reader or announces your momentary illiteracy to the world.

For example, your friend posts a picture of her puppy, and of course you want to compliment her new pet. But instead, you end up telling her that she has a “really cute pappy.” No offense to your friend’s grandfather, but your intentions might be questioned.

Up until recently, your only option to correct the keystroke error was to publish a retraction message, clearing your name of the mistake…kind of.  The original message still existed and was fair game for mockery.

Facebook finally recognized the problem, and now they have developed an option which allows you to edit the mistake, even after posting.  Best of all, there’s no need to add  a correction message. The fix is simple. All you need to do is hover your cursor around the top right corner of your message, and a pencil symbol will appear. Click on this, and you will be free to quickly edit your words, hopefully before anyone decides to have a good laugh at your expense or praise you for your unique admiration for “pappy.”