3 Tips to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

May 30, 2012

Okay, summer is almost here, so time to start looking in the mirror. Yikes!! If you’re like most of us, a quick refresher on how to get in shape is in order.

A new book by fitness expert and former underwear model Paul “PJ” James offers up some good advice.  James shared three key tips on ABC’s Good Morning America:

1) Cardio Before Breakfast, Every Day – “It’s called fasting cardio because your 15 minutes of cardio is actually burning stored fat,” James explained on “GMA.” “It’s tapping into your stored fats and starting your day off positive.”

2) Three Meals, Two Snacks, Lots of Water – “It [water] obviously hydrates you but works for skin elasticity too and your overall look,” James said. “And, fueling your body, there’s no shortcuts … protein, carbohydrates are important as well and minimizing your fats. That’s the secret.”

3) Lift Weights Four Days Per Week – “It’s really important for skin tone and also for muscle tone,” James said of his recommendation to lift weights for 50 minutes four times per week. “Women tend to shy away from weights but it really does work. You’re targeting things with a three-pronged approach of cardio, weights and healthy eating. They all work together as a matrix to help you get in shape quickly.”

Bottom line… it always helps to eat less and exercise more. Can somebody invent a pill for this already?!