Edible Arrangements Causes Indigestion

May 7, 2012

By Angie Moreschi:

Consumers are always searching for something other than flowers to give as a gift, especially with holidays like Mother’s Day here.  If you’re thinking of sending something from Edible Arrangements, the company that sends fresh fruit packages, be sure to do your research, first, or you could end up with indigestion.

I recently experienced some of the worst customer service I’ve seen in a long time from a Tampa store. While one bad experience, may not be conclusive, a quick internet search of “Edible Arrangements Complaints,” bares out the fact that I was not alone.

A family member wanted to send me a nice Mother’s Day gift and ordered a package from Edible Arrangements.  She lives in Pittsburgh and called her local store, which then sent the order to a store here in Tampa, to be filled and delivered.  Apparently, that seemingly simple process fell apart when the Tampa store failed to follow the simple guideline of “calling first” before trying to deliver.

Calling First – Too Much Trouble

Twice, the company tried to deliver to my home during the middle of the day, when, of course, I am at work.  They never called the contact number provided to arrange a location or time.  Finally, on the third day, they called. I told them I would be home after 5:30pm, which remarkably, prompted the delivery coordinator to snap at me for their wasted time.  He barked that he’d already tried to deliver twice, and that they “can’t guarantee what time we deliver.” I suggested that they should not promise customers they can deliver if they can’t accommodate delivery at a later time or to a different location.

Speak Up When the Gift goes Bust

It kind of digressed from there, but in the end, I told them to cancel the order.  They did not deserve my relative’s business.  I had to call and tell her how much I appreciated the gesture, but that it wasn’t worth the aggravation the company was causing. As hard as that is to do, consumers do need to stand up and tell a loved one when a gift turns out to be a bust.  Otherwise, they will never know they wasted their money and may use the company again.

Unfortunately, the old adage holds true all too often.  “No good deed goes unpunished,” especially with the epidemic of poor customer service in society today.  But I must say, Edible Arrangements in Tampa, takes the cake… or the fruit.. as it may be… for being obnoxious and discourteous to a customer.