10 Things Health Care Reform Would Do, that you may not realize

April 5, 2012

Health Care Reform is at the center of a political tug of war that affects us all.  As important as this is to our lives, few Americans actually know what the law actually does.

As the Supreme Court ponders whether to declare it unconstitutional, CNN decided to break out 10 examples of what changes the law makes that could affect your life in unexpected ways.  Everything from taxing tanning beds to requiring your doctor to disclose what perks they get from pharmaceutical companies to free preventive care for things like mammograms, physical exams, colonoscopies, and vaccinations.

Here is the list.  Click here to read more about each item:

1. How many goodies your doctors get
2. More breastfeeding rooms and breaks
3. Caloric reality at every major chain restaurants
4. Abstinence-only education
5. Flexible spending accounts stiffen
6. Tanning will cost you
7. Support for wellness programs at work
8. Free preventive care
9. Home visits to expecting families
10. Health plans you can read