Top Gripes of People while Driving

February 28, 2012

What annoys you when you drive?

Texting while driving.  Going too slow in the left lane.  Drivers who cut you off.  Tailing too closely.  Taking too long to go when the light turns green… and the list goes on and on.

The top gripes that drive you crazy when you’re on the road are revealed in a new survey by Consumer Reports.  The annual auto issue is just out and in addition to the always interesting car rankings is this story on what bugs people when they drive.

Consumer Reports asked 895 Americans to score 20 common driver gripes on a 1-to-10 scale, with 1 meaning a behavior “does not annoy you at all” and 10 means it “annoys you tremendously.” About two-thirds of respondents rated two things in particular as most annoying giving both a 10:  people who text while they drive and able bodied people parking in handicapped spaces.  Tailgaters (who follow too closely behind your car), drivers who cut you off, and speeding drivers who swerve in and out of traffic filled out the top five spots.

Here are the top 10 gripes, starting with the most annoying:

1. Texting on a cell phone while driving

2. Able-bodied drivers parking in handicapped spaces

3. Tailgaters

4. Drivers who cut you off

5. Speeding and swerving in and out of traffic

6. Taking up two parking spaces

7. Talking on a cell phone while driving

8.  Not letting you merge into a lane

9. Not using turn signals

10. Slow drivers dawdling in the passing lane

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