New Hot Gift – Mobile Gift Cards

December 13, 2011

Gift cards are one of the most popular presents people give for the holidays. Now, there’s a new form of gift card you might not have heard about.  They’re called “mobile ” gift cards, and they’re part of the craze that puts everything on your mobile device.  Click here to learn more about this new type of gift card and some rules for smart shopping from WOIO-TV in Cleveland.

Four rules for smart gift card giving:

1. Beware of unwanted cards

To ensure that your gift card doesn’t go to waste — or turn up at a garage sale (or resale site) — make sure you’re buying something the recipient really wants. Based on a post-holiday survey of the most widely resold gift cards, found that gift cards tied to airlines, spa treatments, high-end boutiques and seasonal shops are quite unpopular. Sometimes cash is actually a better substitute. (For more specifics, check out: 5 gift cards your friends don’t want)

2. Keep an eye on fees

Experts at advise against buying general-purpose gift cards like the Visa gift card or American Express card, because they may carry purchase or other types of fees. To compare general-purpose cards by fees, check out this chart by Many of the cards listed do have, at least, purchase fees of around $4.

Click here to read more from WOIO.