Cancer Patient Gets Insurance Run-around – Fights Back

April 20, 2011

A Tampa woman was in the fight of her life battling cancer, when all of a sudden her health insurer, United Healthcare, stopped paying for her cancer treatment.  United Healthcare couldn’t give her a good reason for cutting her off, but the problem continued.  Click here to see what happens when Consumer Reporter Jackie Callaway of ABC Action News in Tampa gets involved.

Editorial Note:  Kudos to Jackie Callaway for getting United Healthcare to pay attention and do something about this, but it’s a sad commentary on the health care industry, when concern over a tenacious reporter is what gets them to do the right thing.  What happens to all those sick people who don’t have a Jackie Callaway to go to bat for them?  Health coverage shouldn’t be a game of wearing sick people down, so they just go away and take out a second mortgage to pay for their own care.