“Power Bands” – Improve Balance and Flexibility?

November 11, 2010

By Terry Smiljanich:

What will they think of next, these scientists? A simple rubber band with holograms on it, that improves your body’s balance, health and flexibility just by wearing it. Too good to be true? Yes.

Power bands supposedly work through the interaction of the holograms on the band (3D-like pictures created by scattered light) and your body’s “natural frequency.” The frequencies of the hologram resonate with your own frequencies, thereby promoting good health, better balance and flexible joints. And they only cost $134.40 for a lot of 50 bracelets. That’s only $2.69 apiece. Another company sells them for $69.95 (Australian dollars) and provides twice the number of holograms on their bracelets. As one seller candidly admits: “NO PROMISES, JUST RESULTS.”

You can even see a video “proving” that these miracle devices work. Watch as someone not wearing the bracelet is easily put off balance, but when he wears a bracelet, he maintains his balance perfectly. And this is a person initially skeptical of the device.

If you watch to the end of the video, you see how the trick is performed, even with someone not in on the trick. A simple matter of how you push.  Stick your arms out, stand on one leg.  When someone pushes down outwardly away from your center of gravit, you’re thrown off balance.  When someone pushes down inwardly toward your center of gravity,  “AMAZING!” you maintain your balance, whether you’re holding this remarkable product OR NOT. 

Remember the five rules for sniffing out a scam? If it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true.

It only takes a moment to uncover the pseudoscience behind this product. Holograms are pictures – they don’t emit frequencies. Your body is not a huge battery, nor does it emit frequencies, unless you’re talking about the light waves bouncing off of you.

The product is pure bunk, but Amazon sells them, and you can buy them on line, even with your favorite college’s logo on them.  Want to improve your balance and flexibility? Get a good workout at the gym.