Foreclosure Insanity Continues

October 18, 2010

Consumer Warning Network Managing Editor Terry Smiljanich is offering up a dose of reality to banks claiming they’re surprised by the latest foreclosure paperwork mess. CWN has been reporting on the document fiasco for more than two years, starting with our “Produce the Note” expose‘.  Terry explained to the Tampa FOX affiliate that banks are now claiming they’re shocked, only because they’ve been outed by employees who’ve confessed publicly.  Click here to watch and see Terry explain how this affects homeowners in foreclosure

Al Lewis

Terry was also quoted in Columinist Al Lewis’ story “A Foreclosure Sitcom” for the Sunday Wall Street Journal.  Terry described the striking similarity in how banks have been processing foreclosures and that famous “I Love Lucy” scene where Lucy and Ethel are overwhelmed by the chocolates coming down the conveyor belt too fast.  Watch the video above to see the famous scene and how Terry makes the connection.  Click here to visit Al Lewis’ blog.