The Unsettling Credit Card Debt Scam

July 8, 2010

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You’ve seen the slick commercials on television, the promise of reducing your financial debt with a simple phone call. Debt settlement companies emerged in droves from the recent financial crisis to prey on desperate consumers looking for a quick solution. But instead of  “guaranteed” financial freedom,  most customers were strapped with high upfront fees and little debt reduction.  NBC’s  Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers investigated

Click here to see her report on the unsettling claims of debt relief companies.

Yep, Grandmom Is Still Renting Her Old Telephone!

July 6, 2010

By Terry Smiljanich:

It seems that the expensive leasing of inexpensive telephones is still good business for AT&T. A Consumer Warning Network reader reported to us that her elderly mom has been renting her old phone for nearly 30 years.

It doesn’t seem to ring true, but unfortunately it is. Read on.

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Consumer Warning about iTunes

July 6, 2010

Beware if you’re an iTunes customer.  Hackers have been targeting iTunes accounts, breaking in, and racking up charges for unknowing users.  Worst of all, the hi-tech thieves manage to change your password, so you can’t get in to your own account.  Award winning Consumer Reporter Jackie Callaway at the ABC station in Tampa investigated and produced this terrific story alerting the public.  Click here to watch and read more.

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iPhone 4 Receives Mixed Reception

July 1, 2010

Less than a week after launch, Apple’s fourth generation smartphone has received mixed reception… not just for it’s new design but for it’s ability to receive a solid cellular signal. After all of the anxious waiting, some love it, some don’t. From launch day many users have noticed erratic signal strength, dropped calls and slow cellular data response depending on how and with which hand the new iPhone 4 is held. Tech blogs have dubbed it the “Death Grip,” referring to how tightly a user holds the iPhone 4 in hand. Apple says “just avoid holding it that way.” Click here to watch a CNN report. Read more

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