Ten Activities More Dangerous Than Air Travel

March 9, 2010

dangerBy Terry Smiljanich:

Just a few months into 2010, there have been 104 people killed in air crashes worldwide. The most serious was the January crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 after taking off from Beirut, Lebanon, killing all 90 aboard. Consumer Warning Network has written about air safety and ranked the various air carriers, both domestic and international.

Most people are at least a little apprehensive when boarding an airplane, but just how concerned should we all be? What’s more dangerous than getting on an airplane?

According to the National Safety Council’s data on accidents, the lifetime odds of dying from an injury are 1 in 24. The suffering from accidental injury ranges from being bitten by a venomous spider (1 in 716,000) to suffocating in bed (1 in 11,000).

Here’s a list of ten activities that present a greater threat of death than traveling by air, based on lifetime odds.  They are ranked starting with the most dangerous.

  1. Dying in a car crash (19 times more dangerous than traveling by air)
  2. Overdosing on narcotics (8 times more dangerous)
  3. Being killed while crossing a street (7.5 times more dangerous)
  4. Dying in a pickup truck or van crash (4.2 times more dangerous)
  5. Suffocating on an ingested non-food object (4 times more dangerous)
  6. Dying in a building fire (3.7 times more dangerous)
  7. Killed on a motorcycle (3.5 times more dangerous)
  8. Being poisoned (3.3 times more dangerous)
  9. Falling down a flight of stairs (1.7 times more dangerous)
  10. Drowning in natural water (1.5 times more dangerous than air travel)

    We’ve all heard that the car trip to the airport is more dangerous than the plane trip, but how many realize it is almost 20 times more dangerous, or that crossing the street to the air terminal is almost 8 times more dangerous?