Painful Diagnosis on Why Health Insurance Reform is Dead

February 1, 2010

Too many people want everything for free.  That’s a big part of the problem blocking this whole notion of health insurance reform, according to business columnist Kathy Kristof.  Frankly, she makes a good point:

Reform was (and is) needed for people who cannot get coverage at any price and are sick with serious ailments, like cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, that would bankrupt a family trying to pay those bills on their own. And yet, we consistently allow ourselves to be distracted by the trivial-the woes of someone who doesn’t think she should have to pay a modest amount more for health insurance because she’s voluntarily getting a “little adjustment” so she can “feel awesome” after she works out. – Kathy Kristof

**Click here to read Kathy’s column on CBS MoneyWatch, about Why Health Insurance Reform is Dead.