How to Get Debt Collectors Off Your Back

January 26, 2010

stop the callsA man in Dallas has come up with a simple solution to get debt collectors off his back.  He sues them.  Craig Cunningham calls himself a private attorney general- or in other words, someone who files private lawsuits in the public interest. Debt collectors call him a credit terrorist.

Cunningham has made $20,000 from more than a dozen lawsuits he’s filed against debt collectors for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Read more about his crusade in this profile on him in the Denver Observer.

And in a related story:  “Debt Collectors Consider Trading “Knee Breaking” Techniquest for “Empathy Training.”  Debt collectors certainly don’t want more people like Cunningham to start suing them, as well.  Could this lead to a new kinder gentler form of debt collection?  Click here to read more.