How Quickly We Forget

January 16, 2010

gas guzzlersBy John Newcomer:

Remember when gasoline cost $3.00 a gallon? It was not that long ago. Yes, in the summer of 2006 prices at the pump started to hit $3.00 a gallon, and the price stayed there for some time.

We screamed and whined when it cost us more than $100 to fill up our gas tank. We vowed to change and sell that gas hog. Next time I will buy a fuel efficient car more fitting with the new world economy.

Cash for Clunkers. Great idea. We got rid of those old gas guzzling cars and replaced them with new fuel efficient ones. Then, the days of $3.00 per gallon were still painfully close. No one was buying the SUV’s and Pick Up Trucks, anymore. Large luxury cars were staying on the car lots like dinosaurs right before the ice age.

But then, gas prices started to go down. No more $3.00 per gallon. In January of 2009, the price of a gallon of gas had declined to a mere $1.70 per gallon. Guess what happened? Like a New Year’s resolution we forgot our promise to buy fuel efficient cars. In fact, for October of 2009 luxury car sales increased 20%; and 49% of all vehicles sold were Pick-Up trucks. Yikes!!!

Maybe October was just blip and not a trend. No! November’s top selling vehicle was the Ford F150 Pick Up, and the number 3 selling vehicle was the Chevy Silverado!!! We are in full blown denial.

But gas prices are like unwelcome house guests. They keep coming back and stay longer than we want. In case you haven’t noticed, gas prices are creeping back up. From a $1.70 per gallon in January 2009 to $2.70 per gallon today! Yes,an increase of more than a dollar a gallon. The cost of filling your tank just went from $25.50 to $67.75.

If you have one of those fuel-efficient F150’s the cost of a fill up just went from $44 to $70.

How quickly we forget!