Congrats on Another Emmy Win!

December 9, 2009

Please join us in congratulating Consumer Warning Network Editor Angie Moreschi on winning an Emmy award for her health magazine program, Smart Health , on PBS’s WEDU in Tampa.  This is Angie’s 8th Emmy Award. This win is for the July 2008 episode of Smart Health.  The show included stories on several important health issues including:

Alzheimer’s Research: About five million Americans live with Alzheimer’s Disease, including more than 400,000 Floridians. It’s a progressive disease that destroys brain cells, impacting memory and behavior. This story talks about the latest treatments.

New Breast Cancer Treatment: A growing number of women being treated for breast cancer are choosing a new radiation therapy with encouraging results. This story follow one woman through the procedure and shows how it works.

Angie MoreschiShining The Light On Sunscreen:  The American Academy of Dermatology estimates one in five Americans will develop skin caner in their lifetime. It’s a stunning statistic, especially in sunny Florida. This story explains new FDA sun screen guidelines required to keep consumers informed about how much protection they’re actually getting.

Organic Foods & Nutrition: With everyone touting organic foods as better for you, Smart Health wanted to take a look at if they truly provide a benefit. We visited a local organic food exchange for a look at how organic food is grown and what exactly if offers you.

Click here to watch Smart Health.  The program is dedicated to sharing advances in medical science and introducing the inspiring and courageous people behind them.