DirectTV Charges Customers for Unwanted Movie

December 8, 2009

DirecTVConsumer Warning Network received two inquires concerning “pay for view” fees showing up on DirectTV statements for movies that were not ordered.  We looked into it and learned what the problem was.

Warning, apparently there is a glitch in DirectTV’s system that downloaded the movie “Angel and Demons” to receivers automatically whether you ordered the movie or not.  Here is the catch; if you watch the movie you will be charged for it.  Delete it and you will be o.k. There is no warning that you are about to be charged.  You look at your play list and, lo and behold, there is the movie “Angels and Demons”.  Hey, it’s on my play list so it must be ok to watch.  NO!  You will be charged.

DirectTV is working on this problem, but until it is fixed – Beware.  Thanks to Consumerist for first reporting this.