Woman Declares War on Bank and Wins!

September 29, 2009

YouTube is the consumer’s friend when it comes to airing your grievances against big companies. A California woman recently posted a video to protest what she called an unfair interest rate hike on her Bank of America credit card. The video went viral and she got results. Click here to watch and learn more.

ABC news profiled Ann Minch’s one-woman debtor’s revolt in the story above. When Bank of America raised her credit card interest rate to 30% and wouldn’t lower it, Minch posted a video on YouTube and declared war on the bank.  “I could get a better rate from a loan shark,” she quips in the video.  Bank of America responded. An executive called her, and she succeeded in negotiating a lower interest rate of 12.99%.  She’s not stopping there, though. Minch is launching her own website www.debtorsrevoltnow.com to help others demand fairness from their creditors. Click here to watch Minch’s video on YouTube.