Foreclosure Judge Helps Homeowners

September 14, 2009

By Angie Moreschi:

In a world where big business and big banks always seem to win, a Brooklyn, New York Judge is giving hope to homeowners who face foreclosure, by banging his gavel for the little guy. Click here to read more and watch this CBS News story about the judge Consumer Warning Network has dubbed “The Foreclosure Judge Who Gets It.”

Brooklyn State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Schack is a friend to fairness. He doesn’t just rubber stamp foreclosures when they come through his courtroom, he actually takes a look at the facts.  Too often what he finds are homeowners who’ve been give the royal run-around from lenders that won’t work with them and banks that have been so careless with a borrowers paperwork they can’t prove they have a right to foreclose.

CBS News profiled Judge Shack in the terrific story above, showing how he looks beyond the routine for a chance to help homeowners.  Click on the video to watch the report.