No More Robo-Calls

September 1, 2009


Consider this a victory for consumers!  Those annoying, automated sales pitches that drive most of us crazy are getting the ax.  At least most of them, anyway. The Federal Trade Commission announced a new rule to ban most robo-calls, unless a telemarketer gets your written permission first.  Penalties can go as high at $16,000 per call for violations.

There are still a few exceptions, however. Calls not covered by the new rules include:

  • Politicians
  • Surveys
  • Banks
  • Debt collectors
  • Most charitable organizations
  • Telephone carriers
  • Utility companies

Also still allowed will be prescription refill notices and certain other health care messages. Also allowed are informational recordings like flight cancellations, delivery notifications or school openings and closings.

If you’re still bothered by a robo-call, you can file a complaint here or call toll-free: 1-877-382-4357.