Update: Men’s Underwear Disappoint Again

August 25, 2009

Uh-oh! We’re still in trouble. On August 11th Broder Brothers, a distributor of the popular men’s underwear Fruit of the Loom, reported earnings for the second quarter of 2009.  Unfortunately, net sales dropped more than 27% when compared to the same period for 2008.

This is very distressing on two fronts. As pointed out in our previous article “Men’s Underwear Will Lead Us Out of the Recession”, the sale of men’s underwear is a great predictor of the economy.  The economy will pick up when men start replacing their underpants.  So far, however, men are still hanging on to their now torn and tattered Fruit of the Looms. The second distressing point is that men are still wearing their torn and tattered Fruit of the Looms.

Come on men!!  Lead us out of this great abyss. Start buying new underwear.  It has been two years for goodness sake.  Not only is your only remaining piece of underwear full of holes, the elastic is now worn out and your waist size has no doubt increased by at least two inches.  This recession cannot go on forever.  If you would just start replacing your tattered underwear the economy will surely follow.

It is possible that by now you have an emotional attachment to your Fruit of the Loom. For the good of America you must shove that emotional attachment aside.  Turn off your computer, go to your underwear drawer and throw them all away, and then march down to your nearest Walmart and buy all NEW fresh underwear.  Do it for America, do it to save your marriage, do it today!!