Fight Foreclosure: Make ‘Em Produce the Note

June 4, 2009

Using the “produce the note” strategy is something all homeowners facing foreclosure can do. If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, fight back. We have created templates for a legal request, a letter to your lender and a motion to compel to help you through the process.  Read the step by step “how to” under the videos.

Special note:  In some states, a lender can foreclose on your home without going to court.  These are called non-judicial foreclosure states.  You can still use the “Produce the Note” strategy in these states, but it takes a few more steps on your part.

Produce the Note – Steps To Follow:

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Don’t Fall for the Burial Insurance Blow-Off

June 4, 2009

By Angie Moreschi:

Burial insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind that you won’t burden your loved ones with your funeral expenses.  Unfortunately, for some, it turns into a battle for those left behind.  A curious case recently came to our attention from WTSP TV, the CBS station in Tampa, Florida. (See video above).

An 84-year old woman died of cardiac arrest two years after buying a $5000 burial insurance policy.  She paid all her premiums on time, but when it came time to cash in the policy, her son says the company refused to pay.  How common is this, and what should you do about it?

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism? – Who Should You Trust?

June 3, 2009

By Terry Smiljanich:

As any parent of small children probably knows, a controversy swirls around allegations that childhood vaccinations may trigger autism, a devastating neurological disorder. Oprah Winfrey, whose daily television show garners between 6 and 8 million viewers per week, has touted these concerns through guest appearances by Jenny McCarthy, Playboy Playmate of the Year for 1994 and current spokesperson for “Generation Rescue,” an anti-vaccination lobbying group.

Most health care professionals discount allegations of a vaccine-autism connection, and argue that childhood vaccinations are a vital medical component in the proper care of infants. What is a parent to do?

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