Foreclosure Roundtable: Frustration Leads to Promises of Help

April 22, 2009

By Angie Moreschi:

Homeowners are quick to tell Consumer Warning Network about repeated frustrations in trying to get mortgage lenders to work with them to avoid foreclosure.  Now, the issue has the attention of a key government leader in Florida, the nation’s 2nd leading state in foreclosures. Click the story above to see Angie Moreschi’s report or click here to see that story and more.

JP Morgan Chase Interview

Derek Bennett is the head of the newly opened JP Morgan Chase Homeowner Service Center in Tampa.  He answers questions about past problems with homeowners and describes new efforts to work with borrowers to avoid foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Interview

Joe Ohayon is VP of Community & Client Relations with Wells Fargo.  He answers questions about how the new Obama housing rescue plan will help lenders agree to more loan modifications and why it’s been difficult to accomplish that in the past.