AIG Denies Claims While Dishing Out Bonuses

April 17, 2009

AIG, the insurance giant that got billions in bail-out dollars, is adding insult to injury.  Not only did the company dish out millions in bonuses to top executives, while nearing collapse, it also denied claim after claim from injured people who had AIG insurance. These are the latest findings of an ABC News Investigation by Brian Ross.

ABC found that nearly one-half of AIG’S insurance claims were denied.  In a joint investigation with 20/20, ProPublica and the Los Angeles Times analyzed some 30,000 claims filed by people working for American defense contractors overseas, covered by AIG under a federally-mandated program. Almost half – 43 percent – of the most serious cases were challenged by AIG, the analysis found, particularly those where claims were made for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder.

ABC’s 20/20 will have an indepth report on their findings tonight at 10pm.