CWN Teams Up With Jesse Jackson to Fight Predatory Student Lending

April 13, 2009

Jesse Jackson Teams Up with Consumer Warning Network

This weekend, the Consumer Warning Network partnered up with the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Push Coalition in Chicago to fight back against predatory student lending.

The Consumer Warning Network’s Nicole Mayer appeared on “UP FRONT with JESSE JACKSON” to spread awareness of the oppressive debt that students are being forced to take on.

Nicole also had the opportunity to engage in quality discussions with Rev. Jackson about what changes need to be made in the student loan industry and how we can work together to make those changes. Rev. Jackson expressed deep concerns with the burden students are forced to carry and implications of discrimination in student lending.  Rev. Jackson specifically discussed the lending practices of student loan giant Sallie Mae.

Rev. Jackson’s movement Reduce the Rate, urges the government and student lenders to offer students loans with terms they can afford. He encouraged anyone affected by student loan issues to read The Student Loan Scam, a book written by long-time student advocate Alan Collinge, also present at this weekend’s events.

The Consumer Warning Network applauds Rev. Jackson’s efforts and will continue to work hand-in-hand with him and others to stop the exploitation of students.

Check back this week for detailed coverage on the Consumer Warning Network’s partnership with Rev. Jackson, Alan Collinge and other student advocates.