The Safest Cars For 2009 and Guess Which One is the Top Pick

January 28, 2009

Drum-roll please … FORD TAURUS!

Yes, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released its annual list of Top Safety Picks. To earn a Top Safety Pick award, a car has to receive the highest rating in front, side, and rear protection along with the highest rating in head restraint and offer electronic stability control.

In the Large Car category 8 automobiles received Top Safety Ratings. However, the Ford Taurus is by far the best buy. A 2009 Ford Taurus has a MSRP of $23,485. By contrast, other cars in the Large Car category list for over $55,000 such as the Cadillac CTS and the Audi A6.

It is worth mentioning that the Ford Fusion also earned a Top Safety Pick in midsize cars.

So just when you think American manufacturing can’t compete in the world market, we build a better and less expensive car than both Japan and Germany.

Congratulations to FORD!