How Can You Block Junk Cell Phone Messages?

January 9, 2009

By Jim Ross:

What can you do to keep your cell phone ad free?

The options vary by wireless carrier.

AT&T, Alltel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all offer text-spam filtering options that allow users to block some or all text, picture and instant messages received from the internet.

AT&T and Verizon allow users to block text messages from the internet. That let’s friends and family using cell phones continue to text you.  Alltel, Sprint and T-Mobile don’t go as far, but provide some filtering.

The specifics vary, but each carrier requires users to change their text messaging options or preferences. These changes don’t block mobile to mobile text messaging. Here’s a breakdown to get your started:

  • AT&T allows users to block incoming message, manage e-mail delivery, create e-mail lists and create an “alias” name for your cell phone. The carrier describes how to set the preferences here. To change the preferences, log in here. The text blocking and alias options are found under “preferences.”
  • Alltel lets users block any e-mail address or web sites from Alltel’s messaging center. Or you can up to 16 web sites, domain names or e-mail addresses. First, log into your Alltel account here; then choose message blocking.  Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Sprint allows users to create a block list.  Here’s how: Log into your Sprint account,  click on online tools on the top right of the navigation bar and then choose Text Messaging listed under Communications Tools.  Once the text message box pops up, choose setting and preferences to create a block list. More specific directions can be found here.
  • T-Mobile users can block incoming and outgoing text and picture messages, instant messages and e-mail.  It also allows users to set up a block list. To create a filter, log into your T-Mobile account. From my account, choose services and then select send a message. Next, choose resources on the right hand side of the screen and then select create a filter.  Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Verizon. Log into, select preferences and then “text blocking” from the menu on the left.  You then can select the type of messages or specific addresses that you want to block. Detailed instructions can be found here.

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