“Account Services” – Watch Out for the Scam

December 3, 2008

Consumer Warning Network has been getting reports of a telephone scam that seeks to obtain your credit card or bank account information. Watch out for this one!

credit cardsA company calling itself “Account Services” calls you and tells you: “Don’t be alarmed, there is nothing wrong with your account, but this might be your last chance to lower your interest rate on your credit card.” If you pursue the conversation, you are informed that this “company” negotiates with your credit card company to lower your interest rates, and can get you rates as low as 6.9%.

If you express interest, the caller asks you how much debt you are carrying, the number of cards you have, the interest rates you are paying, and the name of the bank you making payments to. They ask you to look on your card and find the telephone number of the bank so that they can call it. Then comes the kicker: “Please turn the card over and read the account number.”

If you’ve come this far, and give the caller this information, you may find yourself the victim of identity theft. Do not EVER give out this information to such an unknown caller. Besides, whoever heard of a company called “Account Services”?

One person who got such a call asked to speak to the supervisor when the caller got evasive about the company. He was put in touch with another person who immediately asked for his address so that he could be sent his four jars of pickled pigs feet, two regular and two barbeque!

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