A “Law and Order” Administration?

May 21, 2008

Does the Bush presidency deserve to be called a “law and order” administration? A look at Justice Department statistics for a ten year period tells a different tale. Read more

Spirit Airlines Gambling With Your Money

May 20, 2008

Spirit Airlines - $9 Fares (if you can get \'em)Spirit Airlines, which prides itself on offering super low fare tickets, has apparently figured out a new way to get folks to gamble on getting $9 airline seats for only $39.95 a year. Only trouble is that after you’ve paid your money, good luck on finding any “$9 tickets.”

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Sallie Mae Misrepresenting Status of Student Loans

May 14, 2008

Instead of helping people achieve their dreams of using education to better their lives, Sallie Mae, America’s largest college student loan corporation, is apparently doing what it can to destroy those dreams through misrepresentation and manipulation.

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A Heartwarming Success Story

May 7, 2008

Lockheed Martin Last week, defense industry giant Lockheed Martin received $242 million in Pentagon contracts. Sound like a lot? Not really. It was a rather light week for Lockheed, which in 2007 alone received $39 billion in such contracts, a rate of $750 million per week for that banner year. Read more

Alaskans in the Mojave Desert, Pretend To Be Iraqis

May 7, 2008

Alaskans in the desertAt Twentynine Palms, California, in the arid Mojave Desert, the Marines run a pre-deployment training facility to prepare troops for Iraqi combat. Included in this facility is a “realistic Iraqi marketplace” where role players speak Arabic and wear Middle Eastern clothes. Who supplies the role players? Read more

Your Defense Dollars At Work

May 7, 2008

Defense DepartmentA few years ago, I learned that the Pentagon web site has a daily posting of contracts awarded to defense contractors. Nosing around, I came across a billion dollar award to a company called Alliant Armament, which manufactures bullets for the military. I also learned that some of the executives at the company had made significant contributions to the Bush campaign. Interesting. Read more